Margarete Walden

PhD Candidate at University of Nevada, Reno

Margarete Walden

Margarete is a Ph.D. student who joined the APE lab and the EECB program in Fall 2016. Her research interests include population ecology, herpetology, conservation biology, terrestrial vertebrate physiology, and species’ responses to climate change. She completed her M.S. with Dr. Nancy Karraker on the timing of hibernation in Eastern Box Turtles. Margarete’s research in the A.P.E. lab centers around understanding the environmental and climatic niche breadth of the Mojave Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii). Margarete works closely with the Hunter lab at Georgia Southern University, which is performing similar research on the Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus). Margarete is anticipating to complete her dissertation in Spring 2022.


Margarete Walden
Ph.D. Student, Natural Resources & Environmental Science
University of Nevada, Reno / mail stop 186
1664 N Virginia St, Reno NV 89557 Fleischmann Agriculture Room 235D mwalden_at_nevada_dot_unr_dot_edu


Walden, M.A., Hunter, E.A., Devan-Song, A., Shoemaker, K.T., In prep. Techniques and challenges in measuring fat reserves in desert tortoises. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.

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